Sincere thanks go to the companies with which I collaborate and who for years have believed in me and support me in projects and who gladly help by giving my support in fairs and joint projects:

Corrado Di Marco

Inventor of the Roman Pinsa and other mixes of special flours for Roman pizza and more.

Rinaldi Superforni

One of the longest-running Italian companies in the production of ovens for bakery, pastry and pizzeria.

Ip Bake

From a very long experience comes this company produces performing machines for kneading bread, pizza and large leavened foods.


Thirty years of experience in the production of machinery for pizzerias, pastry shops and revolutionary ovens.


Always at the side of bakers in the realization of wooden equipment and partners for pizzerias and pastry shops in the supply of equipment and utensils.

Stil-casa - Regina

From a very long experience in the production and distribution of catering utensils, pizzeria, Regina is born, a new concept of innovative tools for the pizzeria.